So, you are for real!

So, you are for real!
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Now you are aware of different and specific traits to be developed, per your ESL objective!

Therefore, you need to enroll in several classes... but want to take advantage of features like: at your own pase, in the confort of your school, office, home, nearby coffee shop, AM, PM, noon perhaps....

As you have already an assessment, we´ll discussed your personalized program.   I suggest 1-2 sessions / week.  If you need daily (i.e. immersion-like programs) we can accommodate as well


  • At least 10 sessions (each session = 2 hours). 
  • A track record report is provided in a Google shared drive
  • Multiple sources used: audio, video, role play, reading, quizzes, professional lessons from recognized organizations that provide FREE resources on internet
  • Bonus lessons may be provided (at no cost, dependant upon student merits)