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Structured, personalized, Immersion program:
This program offers a unique immersive experience for students, executives, professionales and any individual looking to further their knowledge of the english/british REAL community and its culture, all while learning a 2nd language!
As a seasoned executive, for +30 years in several national/multinational companies, I had my own share of business/leisure travel.  That experience provided solid knowledge and appreciation for american & british cultures, among others.
Dependant upon your needs, we´ll developed a unique, structured and personalized immersion program.  Although living and/or working in Mexico city, you will be challenged to resemble, as much as possible, living and/or working abroad.
Program includes:
  • 15 sessions (2 hours each) equals a module. 
  • Additional modules may be requested and scheduled, but program extension is only "by module basis" (i.e. 15 sessions each).  Each module is priced separately.
  • Use of all available/appropriate communication vehicles are to be used: every interaction with instructor is in English (WhatsApp, calls, emails).  Also: Mexico city offers multiple options to interact with English, from corner coffee shops to museums, movie theaters, etc.  Note: 1-2 hour activities will be scheduled and considered as session time.